St Patricks Day is a very important day in the Travellers calendar and could be said to be of bigger importance than even Easter!
It is said to signify the end of the winter season and beginning of summer which is a much brighter and happier time especially for those on the road!!

St Patricks Day is a day in which Travellers would leave the camp they were in and start to move to another, and on this day meant meeting up with family which probably wouldn’t have been seen much over the winter months.
There was a big celebration took place with plenty of food and singing and also the ritual of Burning the Shelter Tent took place, regardless of the weather on the day, which signified the looking forward to the summer months and a warmer brighter life the Travellers would have over the season!!
St Patricks Day was planned for weeks before hand with all the families and all looked forward to meeting up and celebrating the end of one season and beginning of a new start!

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