• Never leave infants, children, or pets in a parked car, even if the windows are cracked open.
  • Dress infants and children in loose, lightweight, light– coloured clothing.
  • Schedule outdoor activities carefully, for morning and evening hours.
  • Stay cool with cool showers or baths.
  • Seek medical care immediate if your child has symptoms of heat-related illness.
  • Cover up. Clothing that covers your and your child’s skin helps protect against UV rays.

Use sunscreen with at least SPF (sun protection factor)


When going to crowded events such as fairs and in parks it can increase the risk of your child becoming separated from the family. It is best to let everyone know a special meeting place so you all know what to do in this situation. For added safety, you could write your phone number on their arm and cover it with spray on plaster or nail varnish so it doesn’t wash off during the day.




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