Traveller Heritage 

Ireland’s dedicated site on Traveller culture and heritage which hosts the only online photo gallery of old Irish Traveller photos.


 All Ireland Traveller Health Study Findings

The launch the “All Ireland Traveller Health Study, Summary of Findings” in September 2010 confirmed the poorer health experience of members of the Traveller Community compared to the settled community.  It highlighted various specific areas for concern and made several recommendations for action.  What the study provided is a strong evidence base of the health inequalities experienced by the Traveller Community.  It also called strongly for the translation of this evidence into action.  This call remains unanswered by government and continues to be lobbied for by the Traveller Community.


Involve, In Partnership with Travellers

In Partnership with Travellers, Involve recognises the equality of the Traveller Community by providing programmes, initiatives and services that promote the participation and inclusion of the Traveller Community in Irish Society. (www.involve.ie)


Pavee Point

Pave Point is an Irish NGO supporting Human Rights for Irish Travellers – an indigenous minority ethnic group in Ireland. It’s a partnership of Travellers and settled people. ( www.paveepoint.ie )


The Irish Traveller Movement

The Irish Traveller Movement is a national network of organisations and individuals working within the Traveller community in Ireland. ( http://www.itmtrav.ie )


Kerry Traveller’s Health & Community Development Project 

Kerry Traveller’s Health & Community Development Project  based in Tralee has been active since 1996, helping to address the needs of Travellers in Kerry as well as combating poverty and marginalisation in the community. ( kerrytravellersproject.wordpress.com )


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